1. 留学中の日々のトラブルシューティング
  2. 一人ひとりにマッチした大学を見つけるサポート
  3. エージェトに丸投げすることなく、大学と直接メールで連絡する際のアシスト
  4. 留学を目指す仲間たちとのコミュニティ
  5. 海外生活での安全対策
  6. アメリカでマイノリティとして暮らすための心構え
  7. 宿舎での生活準備、適応
  8. 学費の支払いに関する疑問の解決





Hello everyone and welcome to Atelier Collegial, the starting point for the rest of your lives, a home away from home for students journeying abroad for an education. Here, you can find guidance to navigate the process of studying abroad in the United States;

  1. Help with daily troubles for those studying abroad
  2. To help find the best school for those thinking of studying abroad
  3. To exchange emails with the university for those not using agents
  4. Making friends on the same journey abroad to grow a strong foundation/network
  5. Safety abroad
  6. Being a minority in America
  7. Dorm Life (preparation/adjustment)
  8. Ways to pay

We will be posting on our blog and various social media throughout the week with tips, articles, and personal experiences about how to not simply get through college, but how to succeed in everything you choose to do. Take a look around the website and if you are someone who wants to push past your current horizon email our councelors for more information or come to one of our workshops to see exactly what our program is like. We’d love to have you!

It’s not about what you get from achieving your goals, it’s about who you become from achieving your goals.